Required Reading and Films

Required book:

History of Russian Cinema by Birgit Beumers. Mac Higher, publisher ISBN: 9781845202156

See the details on required passages by due date in the syllabus.

Of course, reading the whole book is highly recommended.

Films we will watch in this course:

  1. Stenka Razin (silent) and 16th Century Wedding (silent)  (Trinity/reserve)
  2. Alexander Nevsky (Trinity/reserve)
  3. Ballad of a Soldier (Trinity/reserve)
  4. Sadko (Trinity/reserve)
  5. The Dragonfly and the Ant, Budem Zorki, Cheburashka, Hedgehog in the Fog (Trinity/reserve)
  6. Andrei Rublev (Trinity/reserve)
  7. Irony of Fate NOTE: there is an animation sequence at the beginning of Part 1. (Trinity/reserve)
  8. Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears (Trinity/reserve)
  9. Repentance (Trinity/reserve)
  10. Window to Paris (Trinity/reserve)
  11. Ward No 6 (Trinity/reserve)

Watch Films Here