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Mid-Term Review

Posted February 17, 2018 By mashaholl

Mid-Term Review

The exam will consist of short-answer questions about each of the films we watched. You will have a choice of questions in each category.

Essential facts you need to know.

  1. Who introduced cinema to Russia
  2. What significant event coincided with the first presentations of films in Russia
  3. Why is the film Stenka Razin so significant
  4. What is the film about
  5. What is it based on
  6. What was special about the original musical production for the film in comparison to other films of the time
  7. What effect did WWI have on film production and why
  8. Where were the main film studios first located
  9. Where did the film studios relocate to after the Revolution and during the Civil War
  10. Why did Eisenstein travel to the US and in what circumstances
  11. What were the consequences of his travel to the US
  12. What is the date of the film Alexander Nevsky
  13. What is the film based on
  14. What historical event does it illustrate
  15. Why was that time period and that event chosen
  16. Why is it important that Alexander Nevsky chose to fight the Germans in 1240 rather than oppose the Mongols
  17. How historically accurate is the film
    1. Events
    2. Costumes (Russian and/or German)
    3. Characterization
  18. How was the film released
  19. Who composed the music for the film
  20. What other significant films did Eisenstein make
  21. Where were film studios and filmmakers relocated during WWII
  22. What place does WWII take in the history and mythology of the Soviet Union
  23. What does Ballad of a Soldier focus on
  24. How is it different from Alexander Nevsky
    1. In content
    2. Technically and stylistically
  25. Discuss the various episodes and the characters Alyosha, the main character, encounters
  26. Why did the director of Ballad have more creative freedom than his predecessors
  27. How does the movie Sadko compare to the epic song
  28. What was the fate of Sadko in the United States
  29. What kind of films was Ptushko, the director of Sadko, famous for
  30. How is Sadko characterized in the movie? Does it reflect his image of the epic
  31. What was added or removed from the epic in comparison to the film script
  32. Where does (most of) the music in the film Sadko come from
  33. Who was the composer
  34. Why was the film altered for its US release
  35. What other films by Ptushko were released in the US in altered form
  36. What are the dates for all the films we’ve watched so far
  37. Significant historical dates: WWI, Russian Revolution, WWII in general and for Russia, Stalin’s years, the Thaw, famines, collectivization, Great Purges


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The original epic song (bylina)

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Ballad of a Soldier

Posted February 6, 2017 By mashaholl

Ballad of a Soldier

For a historical background, see Dr Bruce Holl’s lecture notes.

Revolution to WWII: Alexander Nevsky

Posted January 25, 2017 By mashaholl

Revolution to WWII

Sergei Eisenstein

Alexander Nevsky (powerpoint)

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Early Cinema

Posted January 18, 2017 By mashaholl

Russian Cinema before the Revolution


Razin and Wedding Lecture

Stenka Razin Lyrics

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